Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Update on the Attacks on the Louise Brooks Society

As some may know, the Louise Brooks Society is under attack. Last week, the Louise Brooks Society Facebook page was suspended for 3 days due to a bogus report of trademark infringement filed by Michael Garcia Mujica, doing business as "Vintage Brooks". The image which Mujica claims violated his 2019 trademark (on the name "Louise Brooks") was one I have been using for decades. It is shown below. 

Hours after the Louise Brooks Society Facebook page was suspended, my personal Facebook page, under my name, Thomas Gladysz, was disabled, no doubt because of another fraudulent claim by you know who. Will this troll never stop? 

Since I use my personal account to access Facebook and run my Louise Brooks Society page, I am now effectively locked out of Facebook all together. I can no longer communicate with my family and friends, and with those whom I have met over the internet through a shared interest in Louise Brooks.

Later that day, or was it the next day (it all seems like a long ago nightmare), the Louise Brooks Society Twitter accounts was also permanently disabled. Actually, this is the second LBS Twitter account to be destroyed by a fraudulent claim of trademark infringement filed by Michael Garcia Mujica (dba Vintage Brooks). And just today, my personal Twitter account was also disabled.

I had been on Twitter since 2009. And, I had been on Facebook since 2010. That is more than 13 years of lost contacts and connections (numbering in the thousands), and more than 13 of lost good will and brand development. I don't know the number of times I tweeted, but it was likely thousands of times. The same with Facebook where I posted thousands of times. That is a lot of lost history as well.

I have filed appeals with each of these platforms, but each has failed to respond to my appeals. With Twitter and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) in such disarray, it is not surprising.

For the record: The Louise Brooks Society™ website was established online in 1995. Its website and the wordmark “Louise Brooks Society” are under copyright and common law trademark protection. Additionally, the Louise Brooks Society operates with the written consent of the Estate of Louise Brooks (Louise Brooks Heirs, LC), and have its permission to use the name and likeness of the actress. "Vintage Brooks" does not.

I  would also like to say that I greatly appreciate the emails of support I have received from my online friends. It looks like I will have to do without Twitter and Facebook for the foreseeable future. If you need to reach me, please note the email address in the image below. (The image, depicting MY business card, was taken down from Instagram because of another nuisance complaint from you know who.) His behavior is contemptible, and really rather pathetic.

THE LEGAL STUFF: The Louise Brooks Society™ blog is authored by Thomas Gladysz, Director of the Louise Brooks Society (www.pandorasbox.com). Original contents copyright © 2023. Further unauthorized use prohibited.

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