Thursday, September 26, 2002

New citations and new material

A handful of citations from the New York Daily Graphic and the Film Spectator (each dating from the 1920's) were added to the various film bibliographies. Also added is a scan of my latest e-Bay purchase - a copy of Loew's Weekly which contains an article on Now We're in the Air.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

LBS updates

Considerable time this weekend was spent updating the Site Tools page; additional translation utilities were added as a service to the website's many international, non-English speaking visitors. I have tried to integrate these utilities into some of the key text pages. Also updated and improved was the Site Map page, as well as Newsgroups and Listserves and the links page, Lulu in Cyberspace.

Some additional citations from the Baltimore Sun and Boston Globe have also been added to various bibliographies. In the coming weeks, I expect to add other citations from other American newspapers.

Monday, September 2, 2002

Mention in NY Times, new message board, new stuff

On August 29, the New York Times ran an article in which the LBS was mentioned! An article by Pamela Licalzi O'Connell stated "The Louise Brooks Society is an excellent homage to the art of the silent film as well as one of its most luminous stars."

A new message board has been installed. The free service which provided the old board has shut down - so a new message board has been set up. It works pretty much the same as the old board. The new message board can be found at Also, as a result of the change in boards, the site architecture (namely the headers and footers found on every page) had to be reworked. Hopefully, everything is functioning as it should. Also, please be sure and scroll to the bottom of this webpage where you can vote for the Louise Brooks Society.

The entire contents of the "Illustrierter Film-Kurier issue devoted to The Canary Murder Case have been posted to the website. Check it out. Also, a few pages were added to the filmography section. The remaining basic textual parts of the filmography will be put in place this Fall. Afterwords, images (scene stills, film art, lobby cards, advertisements, etc...) will be added. That is a big project which will take some time.

Additional citations were added to various bibliographies; these entries were gathered from a handful of California newspapers including the San Diego Union, Santa Barbara Morning Press and Stockton Daily Record - as well as from a few European publications including Cinemagazine (France), Berliner Tageblatt (Germany), El Sol (Spain) and Kino i Zhizn (U.S.S.R.). All of these citations resulted from recent weekly all-day trips to the UC-Berkeley library and their outstanding microfilm collection.

I think I have found pretty much all that was possible to find in the UC-Berkeley collection. Some trips I have planned in the next six to eight months include visits to Palo Alto, California (Stanford University library) in the Fall; Detroit, Michigan (a visit home with a side trip to the Detroit Public Library) in December; San Jose, California (San Jose State University library) early next year; and Los Angeles, California (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles Public library, and possibly elsewhere) in May, 2003. There is still much to find!
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