Silent Film Links

Here are more links to silent era websites. Missing a worthwhile site? Send a suggestions to LouiseBrooksSocietyATgMAILdotCOM


Arbucklemania (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle)
Charlie Chaplin (official)
Greta Garbo (official)
Harold Lloyd (official)
Lillian Gish (official)
Marlene Dietrich (official)
Taylorology (William Desmond Taylor)


1920 - 1930
1920s Fashion & Music
1920s Fashion for Women
Alfred Cheney Johnston (photographer)
Algonquin Round Table
American Vaudeville Museum
The Bob (hairstyle)
Broadway Photographs
Digital History: 1920s
Flapper Fashion 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald Society
History of American Journalism: 1920s
History of Make-up: The 1920s
Jazz Age Club
Jazz Age Sheet Music (Facebook)
John Held, Jr. (illustrator)
News from the Jazz Age (Facebook)
Red Hot Jazz Archive (music)
Roaring Twenties: History in the Key of Jazz
Teaching the American 20s
U.S. Timeline - The 1920s
Women of the Twenties (Pinterest)
Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau
Ziegfeld Follies (Pinterest)
Ziegfeld Follies Club (Facebook)


American Film Institute
Bioscope British Film Institute
Cinema Context
Cinema Treasures
Film Comment
Film Noir Foundation
FilmArchiv Austria
Hollywood Heritage
Immortal Ephemera
La Cinémathèque française
Large Association of Movie Blogs
League of Historic American Theatres
Lost Films
Media History Digital Library
Moving Image Research Center
MPPDA Digital Archive
National Film Preservation Foundation
Nitrate Film Interest Group
Photoplay Productions
Serial Squadron
Silent Comedians
Silent Era
Silent Treatment
Silents Are Golden
Silver Screen Suppers
Thanhouser Film Company
Theatre Historical Society of America
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Unsung Divas of the Silent Screen
Vitaphone Project
Women Film Pioneers Project

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