Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Louise Brooks Society under attack again

Just so everyone knows, my Louise Brooks Society Facebook account has been suspended for 3 days due to a bogus report of trademark infringement filed by the internet troll Michael Garcia Mujica, doing business as "Vintage Brooks". My apologies to 5000+ followers, but this troll seemingly doesn't have anything better to do than harass the Louise Brooks Society. What a loser.

The two items on Facebook which were reported were a link to the March 4th Louise Brooks Society blog reporting on the forthcoming publication of a graphic novel about the actress, Dark Star: Louise Brooks in Berlin.  Also reported for trademark violation was my Louise Brooks Society logo, which is shown below. "Vintage Brooks" has no legitimate or lawful claim to either of these items. He does not own each and every use of Brooks name. His claims of trademark infringement is nothing more than harassment.


Today, as well, the re-established Louise Brooks Society Instagram account was also taken down following yet another allegation by Vintage Brooks of trademark infringement. Again, this is bull shit. Last week, two images on my LBS Instagram account were also taken down following a fraudulent claim of trademark infringement. One of images picture an old pinback button showing the image above. The other image which was removed was  an image of my Louise Brooks Society business card. BTW: I had to reestablish the Louise Brooks Society Instagram account after it was taken down once before.

A few weeks ago, the Louise Brooks Society Twitter account was also shut down following a complaint by Vintage Brooks. The Louise Brooks Society has been on Twitter since 2009, and it had gained more than 5000 followers. 

Of course, I have filed appeals with each of these platforms, but each has failed to respond to my appeals. With Twitter and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) in such disarray, it is not surprising. The only good spin on this situation is that Vintage Brooks actions are helping build a legal case and financial liability against himself.

For the record: The Louise Brooks Society™ website was established online in 1995. Its website and the wordmark “Louise Brooks Society” are under copyright and common law trademark protection. Additionally, the Louise Brooks Society operates with the written consent of the Estate of Louise Brooks (Louise Brooks Heirs, LC), and have its permission to use the name and likeness of the actress. "Vintage Brooks" does not.

UPDATE 3/23/2023: Today, the second incarnation of the Louise Brooks Society Twitter account was permanently suspended. No doubt, it was taken down after a complaint by Vintage Brooks. I don't know for sure, as the account was taken down without any explanation.


  1. I'm sorry to read this, Thomas. I hope this will all be resolved soon, and you can return, unhampered, to your celebration of Louise Brooks.

  2. Karen, Thank you for your words of support. This issue won't be resolved, because the person attacking me and the Louise Brooks Society is trying to destroy all that I have done to celebrate the actress. My new LBS Twitter account, and my old personal Facebook account were also suspended. My appeals, in general, have not succeeded.


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