Thursday, September 22, 2022

Timelock rerelease Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was originally released in 1992 as the debut album from Timelock, a prog-rock / neoprogger band from The Netherlands. The cover of the original CD release contained a black-and-white photograph of a young woman with bobbed hair who vaguely resembled the actress. Louise Brooks, the album, also contains a track titled "Louise Brooks." I got a copy of the Timelock CD sometime in the mid-1990s, around the time when I first discovered the silent film star and was searching out everything I could find.

Now, thirty years after the release of their 1992 debut, the Dutch rock band have rereleased Louise Brooks as a limited edition, remastered, redesigned,  and expanded double CD - and with a very groovy, very cool  cover. [The artwork on the cover was supplied by artist Corne Akkers. Like the band, Corne hails from The Hague, in The Netherlands. And like Timelock singer Ruud Stoker, artist Corne Akkers is also a "fanatic" of Louise Brooks. Read this illustrated blog post by him HERE.] 

Follow THIS LINK to the album's Bandcamp page, where you can learn more and listen to various tracks including the 6:40 title track from the reissue. It sounds great. I agree with former Timelock bass player Bert de Bruijne, who stated there is "more depth and sparkle" in the remaster. Notably, just last week, the reissue was reviewed by the Dutch journal Progwereld. Read that review (in Dutch) HERE. And HERE, as well, is a short write up (in English) which appeared in Front View magazine.

Louise Brooks [2022 version] features the original album, remastered by MHX Music, along with three additional tracks from the early 1990s. As well, one track from the original release, "The Seance," has been fully rerecorded by the current band. The second CD contains a full concert the band performed at Planet Pul in Uden on 10 June 1995.  

Dutch artist Corné Akkers (image via Facebook)

p.s. Louise Brooks completists should also be aware that Timelock's 2002 CD release, Circle of Deception, contains a related track titled "Louise Brooks Revisited." Below is some concert footage of the band playing that track. Listen for the spoken word intro.....

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