Tuesday, September 13, 2022

In Memorium: Jean-Luc Godard, French cinema legend

The French-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godard -- a key figure in the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave), the film making movement that revolutionized cinema in the late 1950s and 60s -- has died aged 91. Tributes are pouring in from all around the world. HERE is the New York Times obituary

There is so much one can say about Godard, a truly great filmmaker. Let me add this. In his 1989 biography, Barry Paris wrote of the New Wave obsession with Louise Brooks, noting "Jean-Luc Godard paid tribute through his actress wife Anna Karina, whose impulsive character in Une Femme est une Femme (1961) and again in Vivre sa Vie the next year was modeled on Louise." Here is a bit of video which makes that very point.

Rest in Peace, Jean-Luc Godard (1930-1922). This blog is authored by Thomas Gladysz, Director of the Louise Brooks Society (www.pandorasbox.com). Original contents copyright © 2022. Further use prohibited. And for good measure.....


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