Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Louise Brooks asks "Just how short is a short skirt?"

There has been a bit of renewed interest on Facebook in this 1927 newspaper ad, in which Louise Brooks asks "How short is a short skirt?" To which Louise Brooks, movie darling, answers, "Let it be short enough to take advantage of all good points -- if any." 

This particular ad, promoting a syndicated Sunday feature story, ran in the Detroit Free Press on November 19, 1927. As far as I have found, this ad is unique to the Michigan newspaper, though the piece which it promotes, was not. The feature story appeared in a number of newspapers throughout November of 1927. Of the couple of other instances of the article which I have found, Louise Brooks was used as an illustration in both. I guess her likeness was in the air at the time.

The image of Louise Brooks shown above is, in fact, associated with the film, Now We're in the Air, which was released in the Fall of 1927. One can read all about the film and that famous costume in my 2017 book, Now We're in the Air: A Companion to the Once Lost Film. In that WWI comedy, Brooks plays twins named Griselle & Grisette. Hence the "G" on her costume.

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