Friday, May 27, 2005

Clara Bow beats eggs with anticipation dreaming of a rarebit fiend

As I have written before, I often come across interesting articles while looking through microfilm for Louise Brooks material. I came across a couple of such items today, while looking through the Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin. One of them was an Associated Press piece entitled "Lita May Drag 5 Stars Into Chaplin Case." The January, 1927 article noted that Lita Grey Chaplin, who was divorcing Charlie Chaplin, was threatening to reveal the names of "five prominent motion picture actresses" who "publically and privately" associated with the comedian. The actresses were not named - but I wondered if one of them would have been Brooks. (I once came across a 1925 article in which Chaplin denied having an affair with Brooks - which they in fact did, during the Summer of 1925 . . . . )

Another delicious piece I came across featured my other favorite flapper in the kitchen, "Clara Bow Is Happiest When Playing Host." As I adore Clara Bow (and have a strong interest in Winsor McCay), I was very amused by her recipe for Rarebit!

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