Thursday, January 21, 2021

A little more about Erskine Gwynne and the Eskimo

While writing my previous post about Erskine Gwynne, Louise Brooks, and the Eskimo, I was intrigued to learn more about Gwynne, a somewhat obscure figure in history. Despite his accomplishments as an American writer and publisher in early 20th century Paris, there is no Wikipedia page devoted to him. His sister Kiki Preston, née Alice Gwynne, has her own Wikipedia page, but Erskine does not.

Last night, I continued to dig around through various newspaper archives in search of  anything more about Erskine Gwynne. I found a couple of profiles of Gwyyne (shown below), articles about his publication The Boulevadier, including one about the time it was banned as being too "naughty," as well as a 1928 clipping which explicitly states that it was Gwyyne who gave "the Eskimo" (Carl Wijk) his "cold" nickname.

Here, is lieu of a biography of Erskine Gwynne, are a couple of Parisian newspaper articles which sketch his life till then. The first dates from May, 1927 and comes from the Paris edition of the Chicago Tribune. The second dates to February, 1928 and comes from the Paris Times, one of the English-language newspapers in French capitol serving the many Americans and English speaking expats then living there. (When Gwynne died in 1948, the New York Times published a short obitiuary. It can be found HERE.)

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