Sunday, January 31, 2016

Louise Brooks "I listen to the radio."

Today is the last day to listen to RadioLulu. I am looking for a new home for the hundreds of Louise Brooks and silent film related audio tracks I have collected over the years. Where they will end up I don't know. Over the last few days, I have been looking into finding a new home where I could affordably and legally stream the station. When and if I find a solution, I will let everyone know. Stay tuned.

I certainly appreciate all the positive feedback I have received after first posting an article on Huffington Post. I appreciate the comments the article has received, the emails I have received, and the "likes" the stattion has received in its last days.

In a little known 1968 interview, Louise Brooks declared, "I can't sit and watch TV all the time; I'd go insane. But I read and read and read; and I write; and I listen to the radio..." I don't know what model of radio Brooks had, but perhaps it was something like whjat is pictured below. I can imagine her listening to RadioLulu, remembering.

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