Saturday, January 16, 2010

Louise Brooks creamer top from Switzerland

This piece of contemporary Louise Brooks ephemera is currently for sale on eBay. This particular item shows up occasionally. I have one which I purchased a few years back.

According to the seller, this creamer top was issued in Switzerland by Floralp. This is the foil top from the small plastic milk / cream pots used in restaurants. This pull-tab top depicts the film star Louise Brooks. The reverse side of the top carries the name of her film Pandora's Box. This top measures approx. 2.0 inches by 1.7 inches.


  1. I missed this post earlier - talk about throw-away ephemera!

  2. For some reason I deleted my Firefox LBS blogspot tab and have only today come back (slapped wrist!). Some time ago I successfully bid for the full set, and I also successfully bid for this one.


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