Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Screen Test for Bobbed Hair

I do a lot of research - usually of the reading through old newspapers on microfilm variety. And I come across - often by chance - a lot of interesting material unrelated to Louise Brooks. Sometimes I will make a copy of what I find for my files, or to share.

Here is something nifty I recently found. "A Screen Test for Bobbed Hair" ran in a local newspaper in November, 1925.

Just below this contest application was an anonymous article of interest, "Bobbed Hair Brides Are the Fashion Now." Both pieces certainly reflect their times.


  1. hmmm,maybe that's my problem! i haven't found a woman "up to date" enough yet!

  2. The "Brides" story is a reminder that the bob achieved popularity on the street before Louise Brooks did so on the screen. ... Grant Munson was issuing marriage licenses in 1906, when -- after the quake -- he was quoted as saying applications had TRIPLED.

    How edifying it would be, to study portraits of the winners and their differing bobs!

    In 1940, "a small-town barber in Ohio" ran an advertisement ("Look Ladies: The Season's Smartest Styles from Hollywood") that listed twenty (20) classes of bob -- but of the ones above, only the boyish bob made the cut.

    The first photograph of Brooks to appear in a Rochester newspaper ran on the same page (3) as a bob story; December, 1925.


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