Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ross Berkal

I recently received a copy of the Dahlia Project, Ross Berkal's 2003 CD of songs. Berkal is a composer / pianist / bassist (and Louise Brooks fan) whose underground alternative rock project, known as Dahlia, performed during the 1990's around New York City - including the legendary club, CBGBs.

Among other pieces on the disc (including a song about one of my favorite writers, Bruno Schulz), Dahlia Project contains "MLB" - a song dedicated to Louise Brooks. According to the liner notes, "MLB" (which I assume stands for Mary Louise Brooks), is a "portrait of American film actress, author, and icon Louise Brooks, whom I had the privilege of knowing during the final year of her life."

Copies of Dahlia Project occasionally show up on eBay. Or better yet, check out Ross Berkal's website for more about this artist and his music.

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