Wednesday, November 17, 2004

At the library this morning

Microfilm for three newspapers was waiting for me at the library this morning. Call me nerd, but I do enjoy researching. . . . Three months of the Cleveland Plain Dealer arrived, which enabled me to more-or-less complete my survey of that newspaper in preparation for my visit to the Ohio Historical Society. Tracking down dates for screenings of Brooks' films in the Plain Dealer will enable me get through microfilm of the three or four other Cleveland newspapers much more effeciantly.
Four reels of another Mid-west newspaper, the Milwaukee Herold, also arrived. The Herold was a rather impressive German-language newspaper, and in it, I found brief articles and substantial reviews of the two Denishawn performances in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater. Though I don't read German, I was able to tell that Brooks was singled out (along with Martha Graham) in one of the reviews.
Two reels of the Asheville Times also arrived. In this North Carolina newspaper, I dug up articles, advertisements and a review of the 1923 Denishawn performance in that town. Brooks was mentioned in one item. The other reel - containing the last couple of months of 1927 - contained material on the local showing Now We're in the Air and The City Gone Wild. Citations for these newly uncovered articles and reviews will be added to the LBS bibliographies.

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