Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lulu in Hollywood - the Russian Edition

Today, I was thrilled to receive the Russian-language edition of Louise Brooks' Lulu in Hollywood. I knew I was getting something special when I removed the package from my mailbox. The book was wrapped unsealed in plain brown butcher's paper and tied with string! Just like a present. It was addressed to me both in English and in Russian, and in forward leaning cursive lettering which reminded me of my Polish grandmother's handwriting.

The book was sent to me compliments of the publisher. This new edition was published late last year by Rosebud Publishing, a new enterprise located in Moscow. Scanned below are the front and back covers.

I was also thrilled to see the Louise Brooks Society and my name (in Russian) acknowledged on the copyright page. Just call me Tomacy from now on. This hardback book, which is 290 pages, is about the same size as an American softcover book. It measures 6 x 8 inches. And, as far as I can tell, it includes the same material found in the University of Minnesota reissue from 2000. The book begins with the introduction by Kenneth Tynan, and concludes with the afterword by Lotte Eisner and a filmography - all in Russian. The big difference is the number of images. There are four 16 page inserts featuring portraits and film stills, as well as other miscellaneous images scattered throughout the book.

All in all, it is a very nice production. I am very pleased to have it. Thank you Rosebud Publishing! I looked around online and found a European website from which this book can be purchased. The website is called RUSLANIA and the catalog page featuring this new edition can be found here. There may be other places on the internet to purchase this book. That is the first one I came across. Curiously, the RUSLANIA page shows a copy of the book with a different cover. I am presuming that it is an earlier design. I have to admit, I like it better than the actual cover as depicted above.

The back of this new edition contains a brief bit of text in Russian which I am curious to know what it means. Can anyone translate it? I would really appreciate it. Please post an translation in the blog comments.

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