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Happy Valentines Day from the Louise Brooks Society

Happy Valentines Day from the Louise Brooks Society ! And happy February 14th. This day is not only a day for lovers, but also a notable day in Louise Brooks' life history. What a wonder she was ! She was, in the words of the great Marshall Crenshaw, the ultimate Jazz Age "cynical girl."

On this day in 1921:
According to her diary, Louise Brooks performs three dances, including "French Baby." Afterwords, Louise and her mother attend an orchestra performance.

On this day in 1923:
Louise Brooks appears with Denishawn at the Garden Theatre in Bennettsville, South Carolina. 

On this day in 1924:
Louise Brooks appears with Denishawn at the Orpheum Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On this day in 1930:
In one of the very last recorded American theatrical screenings following its release, A Girl in Every Port shows at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

On this day in 1932:
News wires report Louise Brooks has left for Bermuda the previous day aboard the Monarch of Bermuda, just a few days after reporting on the actress' money troubles. The Universal piece reported "She was the last passenger to board the vessel, dashing up the gangway with a Pomeranian dog a minute before sailing. She had reserved one of the least expensive rooms on the ship." Also on board is Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Lasky.

On this day in 1945:
Variety reports "Louise Brooks film and radio actress, now working as a press agent."

On this day in 1959:
Researching Clara Bow. Types letter to Jan Wahl, and mentions possible trip to Toronto to attend a February 22nd screening of Pandora's Box. (Brooks does not go.) Mentions that she had recently seen Ehe im Schatten (Marriage in the Shadows), an East German melodrama released in 1947. The film was shown at the Dryden theater and was introduced by James Card. Also mentions that when she was 18 years old she took a signed George Moore novel, Portrait of a Young Man, from the library of Algonquin Hotel owner Frank Case

On this day in 1969:
The Blue Banner (the student newspaper of Onondaga Community College in New York state) publishes Brooks' letter to student journalist James Rolick, along with a long profile of the actress which included pictures sent to Rolick by Brooks. 

On this day in 1975:
Pandora's Box screens at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

On this day in 1978:
Pandora's Box screens at the Goethe House in NYC. 

The images found here are some of Thomas Gladysz's favorite images of Louise Brooks. The information found on this page is from the Louise Brooks Society pages, Louise Brooks: Day by Day 1906-1939 and Louise Brooks: Day by Day 1940-1985. Check 'em out. In 2018, Tara Brady wrote in the Irish Times, "An online tribute site, the Louise Brooks Society, contains an extraordinary day-by-day chronology of her life."
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