Thursday, January 19, 2023

Speaking of Louise Brooks and Pandora's Box, and speaking of Weimar Cinema

Speaking of Louise Brooks and Pandora's Box, and speaking of Weimar Cinema . . . be sure and check out the newly updated website. Although created by film scholars for film scholars, this resourceful website might well be of interest to everyone interested in silent film... and what's more, the site is bursting with information, essays, and links to resources about films and filmmaking in German-speaking world between the two World Wars.

As the site explains on its About page, "The website is designed to foster and inspire new scholarship about Weimar cinema. Under the heading RESEARCH, we provide an overview of current publications (for the moment restricted to work done in Germany and the United States), including online blogs and websites." One of those website, I am proud to say, is the Louise Brooks Society, whose description reads:

"This blog and website center around the American film star Louise Brooks who acted in such iconic German films as Diary of a Lost Girl and Pandora’s Box. The Blog also contains numerous links to international film websites and magazines about the Jazz Age."

The "numerous links" referred to above exist on both the Louise Brooks Society website and the here, on the LBS blog. When I compiled them over the course of a couple-three days last year, they were one of the most complete list of links to silent film era magazines just about anywhere. Be sure and check it out HERE on the Silent Film Links page.

As the site's webpage also notes, " has its roots in the sourcebook The Promise of Cinema: German Film Theory, 1907- 1933, edited by Anton Kaes, Nicholas Baer and Michael Cowan and published by the University of California Press in 2016. In this book, the editors gathered and curated more than 250 historical documents that contemplate the nature and function of the new medium of film, its promise and potential. The book’s media-archaeological approach opened up past debates to current discussions about new media and sought to reconsider what cinema was when it began." It is a tremendous book, one which I am very pleased to own. It is well worth checking out, as it the adjunct Promise of Cinema website.


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