Sunday, July 17, 2022

Louise Brooks in the summertime on Instagram

I hadn't realized how many pictures I have of "Louise Brooks in the summertime" when I started a recent  series of posts on the Louise Brooks Society account on Instagram. (That account, by the way, can be found at @louisebrookssociety.) If you haven't check out Instagram or the relatively new LBS account there, please do so. As of today, it has gathered 978 followers. 

A few weeks ago, back in June, the weather was warm and I thought to post a pic or two of Louise Brooks hanging around outdoors. Something summertime.... That was followed by some pictures of the actress at the beach, playing tennis, modelling summer fashions, and going for a swim.  More will follow.

My approach to Instagram is to get an idea about something, an announcement, or a theme, or whatever, and post pics on that topic until I don't. What follows are just a couple of the pics I have posted so far. If you want to see more, be sure and "follow" the LBS insta at


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  1. I love these pictures of Louise. Thanks for sharing your Instagram page -- I just followed!

  2. Thank you Karen ! There is more to come !! Long live Lulu !!!


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