Monday, August 28, 2017

Louise Brooks, Lost Girl

The legendary Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts just ran my new piece, "Louise Brooks, Lost Girl," as part of their Film Notes series. My essay focuses on the Brattle's September showing of the digitally restored versions of Beggars of Life and Diary of a Lost Girl. These of course, are two films which I have a special interest (having authored books on each). I also contributed audio commentaries to the Kino Lorber DVD releases of each.

The Brattle, started by the founder of Janus Films, bills itself as "Boston's Unofficial Film School Since 1953." Movies have been shown at the Brattle Theatre since Bryant Haliday and Cyrus Harvey Jr. started things off with a screening of the German film, Der Hauptmann von Köpenick (The Captain from Köpenick). Haliday and Harvey later founded Janus Films for the purpose of distributing foreign films nationwide.

The Brattle Theatre, in cooperation with film students, enthusiasts, writers, and critics from the greater Boston press, presents a series of periodic film commentaries relating to Brattle premieres, repertory programming, and special engagements. This series is intended to enrich your film-viewing experience at the Brattle and encourage discussion and reflection. Film Notes are available in print during select screenings, as well as through this online archive.

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