Monday, May 25, 2015

God's Gift to Women with Louise Brooks on TCM on May 26

God's Gift to Women (1931), featuring Louise Brooks, will be shown on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in the United States on Tuesday, May 26. The showing is set to take place at 6:15 am ET.


This 71 minute Warner Bros. "laugh riot" stars Frank Fay (at the time Barbara Stanwyck's husband) and also features Joan Blondell, Laura LaPlante, Charles Winninger, Margaret Livingston, Yola d'Avril, and the Sister's G. Louise Brooks plays Florine in one of last major starring roles. The film, written by Raymond Griffith, was directed by the great Michael Curtiz.

Leonard Maltin described the film this way: "Incorrigible philanderer has trouble adjusting his swinging lifestyle after being told he has a bad heart and must give up wine and women, or, as the doctor puts it, "Live like a clam, or die!'' Wild pre-Code sex farce with lots of racy humor. Legendary silent screen siren Brooks has a small part as one of Fay's lovers."

From the TCM website: "In a Parisian nightclub, Diane Churchill, an American woman, and her father are fascinated to learn that Jacques Duryea, the young man seated at a table near them, is an international lover known as Toto, able to have any woman he wants. Toto finds Diane very attractive and manages to dance with her, but as soon as their dance is over, Diane, who disapproves of him, leaves with her father. In the following days, Toto follows Diane everywhere. After she accidentally shuts the car door on his hand, she takes pity on him and bandages his injury. At tea, Toto tells her that she is his ideal woman and now that he has found her, he is finished philandering. She wants to believe him, but while she visits him at home, Tania, a former mistress, arrives with several suitcases, clearly intending to live there. Diane leaves and when Toto returns, he forces Tania to leave. That night, Churchill attends a concert, leaving Diane home alone. Wearing a disguise, Toto sneaks into her house to beg forgiveness. She admits that she is in love with him. When Toto tells Churchill that he intends to marry Diane, Churchill agrees on the condition that Toto stay away from Diane for six months. He also demands that Toto see his doctor to insure that he is in good health. After an examination, the doctor warns Toto that he has a bad heart and the least excitement may cause it to burst. In order to stay alive, he must stop drinking and give up women entirely. When they hear the news, several of Toto's old girl friends want to nurse him. Toto tries desperately to get rid of them and an angry husband appears, intending to kill him. After all this excitement, the doctor warns that even one kiss will kill him. Then Diane tells Toto that her father is taking her back to America and offers to spend an hour with him that night. Not wanting to say no, Toto arranges for his funeral. Diane arrives right on time, and Toto kisses her, expecting to die immediately. Nothing happens, however, and it turns out that Churchill paid the doctor to lie in order to discover if Toto loved Diane more than life. Now that he really believes in Toto's love for his daughter, he allows them to marry."

God's Gift to Women was released on DVD in 2012. 

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