Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top Ten Louise Brooks character names

Longtime Louise Brooks Society member Mark Armstrong-Roper, from Melbourne, Australia, composed a top ten list of Louise Brooks character names. Mark emailed "I composed the list below for my own amusement, thought you might like it too." 

Top Ten Louise Brooks character names:

Lulu (Pandora’s Box)
Snuggles Joy (City Gone Wild)
Fox Trot (Evening Clothes)
Mademoiselle Godiva (A Girl in Every Port)
Kitty Laverne (A Social Celebrity)
Thelma Temple (It Pays to Advertise)
Thymiane (Diary of a Lost Girl)
Boots Boone (Empty Saddles)
Lucienne (Prix de Beaute)
Miss Bayport (American Venus)

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