Monday, January 19, 2015

A new version of Lulu by Nicolas Mahler

There is a new graphic novel version of the Lulu story, Lulu und das schwarze Quadrat: Frei nach Frank Wedekind, by Nicolas Mahler. The book was published in Germany in October, 2014. The legs on the front belong to Louise Brooks, while the drawn character of Lulu found in the book bears the Brooks' bob.

The author is a prolific and critically acclaimed graphic artist whose work is oftenbased on literary sources. He contributes to Austrian, German and Swiss newspapers and magazines. His earlier work includes a pieces related to Franz Kafka, as well as Alice in Sussex (based on Alice in Wonderland) and The Man Without Qualities (based on the novel by Robert Musil). More about the artist can be found at his website at

According to his Wikipedia page: "Mahler's style is characterized by an extremely reduced stroke with which he captures quirky characters." In the award statement for the 2006 Max and Moritz Prize, it was noted that "The figures of Nicolas Mahler have no eyes, no ears, no mouths - but they certainly have character. Always succeeds Mahler, bringing with minimalist drawings and marginal humor his few strokes to the point. He commutes between virtuoso banal, absurd and Kafkaesque."

From the publisher "In seiner brillanten neuen Graphic Novel »Lulu und das schwarze Quadrat« entschlackt Nicolas Mahler Frank Wedekinds Tragödien »Erdgeist« und »Die Büchse der Pandora« zu einer schwarzen Komödie über weibliche Körperlichkeit, männliches Besitzdenken und Kasimir Malewitschs Schwarzem Quadrat."

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