Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Valentina come Louise Brooks

Speaking of Valentina, and speaking of Louise Brooks . . . there is a recently published book which is terrific, and which every serious Brooks fan will want to own. The book was published in Italy in 2012 by Fandango Libri. It's Valentina come Louise Brooks - Il Libro Nascosto (Valentina as Louise Brooks - The Hidden Book), by Vincenzo Mollica and Antonio Crepax.

The book looks at the life and work of the late Italian cartoonist and illustrator Guido Crepax. And in particular, it looks at the creation of Crepax's most celebrated comix creation, Valentina, which was inspired by the silent film star Louise Brooks. Valentina come Louise Brooks - Il Libro Nascosto includes a handful of photographic images of Brooks, including one image of a portrait of Brooks on Crepax's desk, as well as numerous drawings of Brooks / Valentina by Crepax. The book also includes a few handwritten letters from Brooks to Crepax. 

All in all, it's a beautifully illustrated hardback book and a must read or must look for every Louise Brooks fan. If you don't read Italian, don't worry. Here, the pictures tell the story. Below is a snapshot of the front endpapers.

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