Friday, May 16, 2008

RadioLulu update

I regret to report that broadcasters still have not been able to reach agreement with SoundExchange over an acceptable performance royalty rate for internet radio stations like RadioLulu. Fortunately, supporters in Congress are getting frustrated by the slow pace of negotiations and are finally taking action.

This Thursday, May 15th, Senator Sam Brownback will be offering an amendment to include the Internet Radio Equality Act (IREA) provisions into legislation being considered by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. As you may remember, IREA was a bill introduced last year to cap royalties at 7.5% of Internet radio revenues.

A fair and reasonable royalty rate is needed now more than ever. Together with Live365, RadioLulu and 6,000 other small webcasters are streaming hundreds of diverse musical artists and genres that simply can't be heard on AM/FM dials. But unless the royalty rate is lowered to the same rate as other radio media, we will always be at a competitive disadvantage with higher costs and fewer listeners.

RadioLulu needs your help to support the IREA bill. So, please take a minute and go to to fire off a quick email or phone call to your Senator. Unless we all raise our voices, the corporate greed of major labels will triumph over small webcasters that broadcast diverse musical genres and talent.

Help protect RadioLulu and internet radio for small webcasters!

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