Friday, May 4, 2018

Jazz Singer Hailey Tuck - The millennial's Louise Brooks

Hailey Tuck describes herself as a "Jazz singer from Austin, Texas, based in Paris & London in the 1920's."

Marie Claire describes her as “The millennial's Louise Brooks.” In fact, the alt-jazz singer takes inspiration from the similarly bobbed Brooks and her 1982 book, Lulu in Hollywood. Tuck says as much in the video embedded below.

Tuck's new album. Junk, is out today on the Sony Music label. (Autographed copies are available.) To find out more about this oh-so charming artist, visit her website or Facebook page, each of which are loaded with songs and images and videos and more.

On her Sony debut, Hailey puts her own spin on songs by artists as diverse as Leonard Cohen, The Kinks, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, as well as cabaret classics and Leonard Bernstein. (I especially love "Tell Her No," an old fave by the The Zombies.) Junk is produced by the multi Grammy Award winning Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Melody Gardot) and was recorded last year at Sunset Sound in L.A. with a band of veteran jazz musicians. Junk is playful and provocative and witty and world-weary and was "tailor-made for good times as it is for tears." (I sure wish Tuck would get around to recording "Louise".... because these days every little breeze seems to whisper Hailey's name. It would be a perfect fit.) Give a listen to Hailey Tuck's new album below.

Back in 2015, Tuck contributed a lovely, long piece to the Louise Brooks Society blog titled "Jazz singer Hailey Tuck - her story of discovering Louise Brooks." It is well worth checking out. She's got It.

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