Saturday, October 2, 2010

Louise Brooks private journals to be unveiled

It's been a quarter of a century years since Louise Brooks passed away. Before her death, she bequeathed her private journals to the George Eastman House with instructions they remain sealed for 25 years.

Today, Variety reports that her journals have been unsealed and "Eastman staffers have been poring over the journals before making them available to the public." Read more at

I wonder if Brooks diaries and letters will also made public? We can only hope, as we all know the actress was a gifted writer and something of a braniac. Stay tuned.


  1. They HAVE to publish these. I am waiting with bated breath!!!

  2. THOMAS!! You always give me the greatest news. This is so exciting...I hope I get the opportunity to see/read them someday. I think a pilgrimage is in order.

  3. If anyone wants to fly me to Rochester and put me up for a few days - I will clear my calendar.....

    Otherwise, a bit more on the story at

  4. You know if I had the money to do that you and I BOTH would be on a plane.

  5. Comes word from Dryden projectionist Kyle Westphal that the upper echelon at GEH has reconsidered the matter and has decided to withhold the material so as to give a publisher (potentially) exclusive access to it. Big surprise.


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