Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lulu in Calcutta, 1966

Just today, I came across a film book published in Calcutta, India titled The Marketing of Films. The book, by Trishla Goyal, was published in 1966. It's really not about marketing films. Rather, its a broad, worldwide history of the medium. What's remarkable about it - and what caught my attention, is the 1 1/4 pages given over to Louise Brooks and her role as Lulu in Pandora's Box. Here are those pages:

Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl are mentioned elsewhere in the book, in the chapter devoted to German film. So far, this is the only work published in India which I have come across discussing Brooks. It is also an early-contemporary (post Twenties and Thirties) citation. How interesting!

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