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The Louise Brooks Society website was launched online in 1995 as a gathering place for like-minded individuals from around the world. Over the years, the website has been given many awards and designations, among them "Yahoo Site of the Day." Visit the LBS at www.pandorasbox.com 

The Louise Brooks Society blog was started in 2002 on LiveJournal, and transitioned in 2009 to Blogger, where it still resides. That's where you are now!

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The Louise Brooks Society is devoted to the appreciation and promotion of the life and films of Louise Brooks. The mission of the society is to honor the actress by stimulating interest in her life, films and writings, as well as her place in 20th century culture; by fostering and coordinating research; by serving as a repository for relevant material; and by advocating for the preservation and restoration of her films and other material.

The purpose of the LBS is to promote interest in the actress by offering membership in a society; by serving as a focal point for related activities; by disseminating accurate information including scholarly texts; and by offering individuals a variety of materials to aid in their appreciation of the actress. Above all, the LBS encourages the viewing of Brooks’ surviving films, and the fellowship of her admirers.

Future projects include the publication of new material about the actress (in the form of books and e-books), as well as the ongoing development of its website, its blog, and social media presence. The LBS also hopes to raise funds toward the restoration and release of an unavailable Brooks’ film. Other projects are on the drawing board.

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  1. Your blog - your writing, your research, your insights - fascinating. I have been on your site for almost an hour - reading, thinking, wondering. Fantastic...

  2. hello, what ever became of Brooksies brother and sister, did they live after her death? thank you. mykustom61@hotmail.com

    1. Be sure and check out the Barry Paris biography of Louise Brooks. All your questions will be answered there!


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