Friday, December 30, 2016

A Look Back at this year's Louise Brooks Society Blog

This year, the Louise Brooks Society posted nearly 200 times. Some were short form posts, and some were long form. As a blogger, I am especially proud of the long form pieces which broke new ground, or revealed some new information about Louise Brooks. Here are a few of my favorite posts: if you haven't already checked them out, please do so.

Louise Brooks, at the corner of Brooklyn Avenue and 16th Street

Beggars of Life recording sessions, the details

Louise Brooks, Modernism, the Surrealists, and the Paris of 1930

Louise Brooks at a drive-in and other firsts from the 1950s

Louise Brooks as "Lulu the Sinful"

When Louise Brooks almost signed with Pathe

Louise Brooks asks just how short is a short skirt...

Louise Brooks and The Invention of Morel, by Adolpo Bioy Casares

First known event advertisement to name Louise Brooks

Some of these posts proved popular, some less so. Nevertheless, all of them gained at least 100 hits or reads. The following posts stand out as they gained more than 500 hits or reads. A few approached 1000.

Stacks of Brooks

Since this blog was started (on LiveJournal), there have been nearly 2800 posts.  I hope you have enjoyed reading them. There are more to come. Next year, 2017, promises to be a great year for fans of the actress--with the expected release of a new book, at least one new DVD, multiple screenings around the world, and an unprecedented announcement that will rock LB fans everywhere!

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