Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lulu in Hollywood photo composition by Hal Wilson

Here is something rather nifty, a photo composition entitled "Lulu in Hollywood." It is by Hal Wilson.

Wilson stated, "I guess you could say I make “Photo Compositions”. In the wee hours of the morning I'll be clipping images from vintage pictures (primarily from the Library of Congress). I take the parts that I like and move them around. A flapper-girl happily sitting in a treehouse-speakeasy might find herself transported into an oyster boat off Virginia.  Poor dear.

I became intrigued with Louise Brooks while researching techniques of classic Hollywood photography. From all the movie stars in the heavens (Garbo, Gable, Bogart or Bacall) it is Louise Brooks who appears on the front cover of John Kobal's Hollywood Glamour Portraits. I have a little crush on Lulu."

How many of the individuals in the above composition can you name?

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