Thursday, March 24, 2016

When Knighthood Was In Flower - Marion Davies Kickstarter Campaign

You can help bring Marion Davies' breakout blockbuster hit movie WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER (1922) to DVD/Blu-Ray!

Be part of the 'somebody' in 'why doesn't somebody put that out on DVD?' and make a pledge to Ben Model's 5th silent film Kickstarter project. Pledge at

"When Knighthood Was in Flower" (1922) on DVD/Blu-Ray

This Kickstarter will fund a project that brings Marion Davies’ breakthrough feature film “When Knighthood Was In Flower” (1922) to home-video. The release will be made using a new transfer off the sole surviving 35mm nitrate print, with a brand new theatre organ score buy Ben Model. The 2K digital scan will be made for the project by video lab at the Library of Congress, the archive where the print is stored and has been preserved. The disc release will be a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack. The DVDs will be professionally authored, the box art will be created by professional graphic designer and silent era aficionado Marlene Weisman, and will be available for sale on The Kickstarter covers all production costs for DVD release; BluRay disc portion of the project is made possible through Greenbriar Picture Shows.

The Louise Brooks Society has made a pledge. How about you? Pledge at

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