Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Music Video Tribute: "Lulu a Hollywood" by Olivia Louvel

Welcome to Music Video Tribute Week on the Louise Brooks Society blog. Here is the second installment. French artist Olivia Louvel performs "Lulu a Hollywood" from album Lulu In Suspension. This live footage from a concert at Le Cube in 2009 with mastered audio. Deluxe Digipak CD available at Optical Sound http://www.optical-sound.com/

From Wikipedia: Olivia Louvel is a French-born, British composer, producer and performer, crafting electronic songs from laptop and voice. In 2011, she won the Qwartz Album Award at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards for Doll Divider. She works on the frontier of art and electronic music, often blurring the boundary between the two. Her innovative and quirky songwriting brought her to perform alongside artists such as Planningtorock at the Earsthetic Festival, The Irrepressibles at the Brighton Dome, and Recoil for concerts on the European 'Selected' tour.

Initially trained in classical singing, she began to work as a singer for the renowned flying trapeze circus 'Les Arts Sauts' performing at 12 metres in the air a Meredith Monk composition 'Madwoman’s vision'. She toured with them for 3 years. From 1996 to 1999, she attended the National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Paris, and graduated in 1999.

Lulu In Suspension, inspired by silent-movie star Louise Brooks and her book 'Lulu in Hollywood', was released as a digipak CD on Optical Sound Records and Fine Arts run by French artist Pierre BelouÏn. In 2009, she presented an AV performance of 'Lulu In Suspension' at Le Cube, the digital art space in France.

For more, check out her website or Facebook page.

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