Monday, December 7, 2015

Snapshots from Louise Brooks' Rochester, NY (part 3)

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Rochester, New York in order to conduct some research on Louise Brooks at the George Eastman House Museum. During my four day visit, I had the chance to meet friends, talk on the radio, and walk the streets of a city Louise Brooks once called home. I also spent two and a half days reading through Brooks' notebooks. (More on that at a later date.)

While I was in Rochester, I had the chance to visit a few sites of interest to fans of Louise Brooks. My thanks to Rochester resident Tim Moore who was my valued guide. All of the snapshots below were taken by myself, unless otherwise noted. Here are yet more of them, in no particular order.

No doubt Louise Brooks read this inscription on the front of the Rochester Public Library more than once. After reading
her notebooks which record her intellectual journey, I believe she held this notion close to her heart.
The entrance of the old Sibley department store building, where Louise Brooks once encountered two-time
co-star Richard Arlen (Rolled Stockings and Beggars of Life).
Another view of the George Eastman House. No doubt, Brooks walked the path past the house many times.
Brooks' grave in Rochester. The small picture of the actress was left by an earlier visitor.
Thanks to Tim and Cathy for driving to the grave on a cold, rainy day. (Photo by Tim Moore.)
Tim and Cathy provided the wreath. They were generous guides and are great fans.

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