Sunday, December 6, 2015

Snapshots from Louise Brooks' Rochester, NY (part 2)

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Rochester, New York in order to conduct some research on Louise Brooks at the George Eastman House Museum. During my four day visit, I had the chance to meet friends, talk on the radio, and walk the streets of a city Louise Brooks once called home. I also spent two and a half days reading through Brooks' notebooks. (More on that at a later date.)

While I was in Rochester, I had the chance to visit a few sites of interest to fans of Louise Brooks. My thanks to Rochester resident Tim Moore who was my valued guide. All of the snapshots below were taken by myself, unless otherwise noted. Here are more of them, in no particular order.

The curtain at the Dryden Theater, where I saw the Marion Davies' film "Show People," with musical accompaniment by
the great Philip Carli. (Later we went out out drinks and a bite to eat.) Louise Brooks saw more than a few movies here.
Inside the Dryden with my new friend Emily Freitag. What a treat it was to meet here after being internet friends for years!
We sat in seats bearing plaques for James Card and his wife. (Photo by Tim Moore.)

A plaque outside the Dryden honoring James Card, founding curator of film at the Eastman Museum
(and Louise Brooks friend and champion).
A selection of books in the Eastman Museum gift shop.
Out to dinner with Rochester film critic and Brooks' longtime friend Jack Garner. He signed my copy of Louise Brooks: Lulu Forever - for which he wrote the intro. (My copy is also signed by author Peter Cowie.) Jack told me many stories of his long friendship with Brooks. (Photo by a young waitress who is interested in LB.)
Inside another local restaurant with a wall honoring local hero Louise Brooks. (Photo by Tim Moore.)
The wall of honor (though oops the top left image is of Clara Bow)

My trusted guide Tim Moore. Few know as much about Brooks' time in Rochester as he does.

One afternoon, we had lunch at Starry Nights. Much earlier, it was a liqueur store where
Louise Brooks may have got her gin. (Photo by Tim Moore.)

To be continued ......

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