Saturday, December 26, 2015

Roarin' 20s: Girl of My Dreams (I Love You)

from YouTube, the video features a bit of Louise Brooks

"Blue STEELE & His Orchestra, with Vocal refrain – Girl of My Dreams [I Love You], HMV 1927 (American recording; UK pressing)

NOTE: Blue STEELE (b. Eugene Staples in 1893 in Arkansas, USA – d. 1971) American trombone player and band leader, whose greatest activity was in late 1920s thru 1930s. Serving in Europe during the Great War he got injured in his head - the accident which was responsible for recurring outbursts of his rough behavior and had a negative impact on his whole career. Blue Steele’s first engagement was in early '20s with a hot dance band known as Watson's Bell Hops, then came the Blue Steele’s Orchestra, which was formed in the late 1920s in Atlanta. Their arrangements were a very danceable blend of jazz and sweet music, therefore the band quickly achieved popularity, playing mostly in holiday resorts in Florida. Until 1930, Blue Steele’s Orchestra cut about 30 well-selling records for Victor, yet maintaining the success for a prolonged period was too a difficult task for Steele’s violatile temperament. Only a few musicians stayed with him for longer, including trombonist Sunny Clapp – who was a composer of this lovely waltz, and who finally left Blue Steele to form his own and very successful Band O’Sunshine. In 1940s-1950s Blue Steele’s career almost completely waned, he occasionally conducted various orchestras, including the symphony orchestra in Mexico City.

The Sunny Clapp’s waltz “Girl of My Dreams” belongs to one of the most beautiful American songs composed in the 1920s. Being myself not any particular waltz-lover, I however enjoy listening to this tune a lot. Several years ago I came across an unusual recording of that song, made in 1928 by a little known American singer Jack Pepper – ever since “Girl Of My Dreams” in his phenomenal rendition belongs to my absolute favs
However, the Blue Steele band’s version is lovely too. Some time ago, when I was still active in my another musical channel in Dailymotion, I happened to upload this hereby version, which was issued under Victor’s label and was in much worse condition – while now, it's a British HMV pressing in an excellent shape. (I got it in a junk store for equivalent of 5 euro). I think it's worthwhile listening to again."

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