Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is Louise Brooks pictured in a 1927 Our Gang short?

For some time now, there has been word going round that a newspaper image of Louise Brooks can be seen in the 1927 Our Gang short, Ten Years Old. This 22 minute film centers on Joe and his tenth birthday and the cake he makes for himself. The usual Our Gang mirth and mayhem ensues.

A few short excerpts of Ten Years Old can be found online. I managed to track down the entire film through realclassicsdvd.com, and bought a copy to see for myself. I took a look, and spotted the image at the center of the long running speculation.

Early on, Joe makes himself a party hat from a old newspaper. And on that newspaper is the image in question. It is just a Louise Brooks look-alike, and not the actress, in my opinion. What do you think? Here is a screen capture.

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