Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Trip Through the Paramount Studio (1927), with Louise Brooks?

Only recently have I come across a reference to A Trip Through the Paramount Studio (1927), a short promotional film produced by the Paramount Studio. The 9 minute short reportedly includes Louise Brooks, along with a number of other well know stars of the time. The existence of the film is referenced on both IMDb and

Unfortunately, I am having trouble tracking down any information on this previously unknown (to me) film. I could not find any information about it searching through the trade journals of the time. Nor does there seem to be a copyright record for it.

A Trip Through the Paramount Studio was reportedly released in August 1927. Among those reportedly seen in the film (according to both of the above mentioned websites) are Richard Arlen, Mary Astor, Clarence G. Badger, George Bancroft, Wallace Beery, Sally Blane, Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Mary Brian, Betty Bronson, Clive Brook, Louise Brooks, Chester Conklin, Gary Cooper, Dolores Costello, Shirley Dorman, Fanchon, W.C. Fields, Victor Fleming, Raymond Hatton, Lloyd Hughes, Emil Jannings, Doris Kenyon, Fred Kohler, Blanche Le Clair, Mervyn LeRoy, Harold Lloyd, Dorothy Mackaill, Arlette Marchal, Marco, Frank Morgan, Gene Morgan, Pola Negri, Zasu Pitts, William Powell, Esther Ralston, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Milton Sills, Thelma Todd, Josef von Sternberg, Erich von Stroheim, and Fay Wray.

The source of the this impressive line-up of stars in unknown. According to Wikipedia, "Paramount later released A Trip Through the Paramount Studio (1927) in response to MGM's MGM Studio Tour (1925)." The only other reference to the film which I have been able to find is that it was shown in 2009 at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, California -- along with a few other short films of the time.

Does anyone know anything about this film? Has anyone scene it? I wrote to the Library of Congress asking after the film, as they are listed on as having a copy of the film. I received the following affirmative response (along with an invitation to make an appointment to view the film in Washington D.C.).

"We have a 35mm print of the Paramount short in our collection:


FEA 6141; FPB 1240

MAVIS: 1913678

AFI/Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

Summary: Promotion reel shown solely to exhibitors during the West Coast Greater Movie Season. Featuring: Clara Bow (“That Million Dollar Girl” promotes Hula) W.C. Fields, Fay Wray, Esther Ralston, Richard Arlen, George Bancroft, Betty Bronson, Chester Conklin, Mary Brian, Clarence Badger, Fred Kohler, Arlette Marchal, Fanchon & Marco, The Rube Wolf Band, Sally Blane, Blanche Leclaire, Shirley Dorman."

Alas, no mention of Louise Brooks - but that doesn't necessarily mean she is not glimpsed in the film. The search goes on.
Louise Brooks (left) with other Paramount stars of the time. This is not a still from the film, or is it?

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