Friday, October 2, 2015

Louise Brooks in New Zealand #1

While working on the Louise Brooks filmography pages on the Louise Brooks Society website, I have been digging around some  newspaper archives in search of advertisements for screenings of the actress' films in other countries. I recently came across some articles and ads from New Zealand, where every one of Brooks' films from The Street of Forgotten Men (1925) through The Canary Murder Case (1929) were shown. I was also able to find listings or ads for It Pays to Advertise (1931), When You're in Love (1937) and King of Gamblers (1937).

These nifty advertisements are typographical in design, and rather unusual. They are almost like concrete poetry. Perhaps the printer assigned to lay out the page was bored? However,  I would assume that the newspapers were not able to print any sort of line art in their advertisements. This first one, with a play on Adolphe Menjou's initials, is my favorite.

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