Friday, September 4, 2015

Ex-Sex Pistol John Lyndon of P.I.L. name checks Louise Brooks in new lyric

John Lyndon of Public Image Limited (P.i.L.) name checks Louise Brooks in the lyrics to his new song, "Betty Page."

Lydon and the band released their 10th studio album on September 4th in the UK and September 11th in the USA. The new album, titled What The World Needs Now…, is the follow-up to This is PiL, from 2012. The 11-track album follows the critical success of that earlier album, which was the band's first album in 17 years. Commenting on the new album, Lydon says, ''Buy now while stocks last.'' Lydon also painted the cover for the new record.

"Betty Page" is the B-side to "Double Trouble, the first single from the new album. The single was released on August 17.

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential bands of the last few decades, PiL's music earned them 5 UK Top 20 singles and 5 UK Top 20 albums. With a shifting line-up and unique sound, Lydon guided the band from their debut album First Issue in 1978 through 1992's That What Is Not. After a 17 year hiatus, Lydon reactivated PiL in 2009. Last year, the band returned to Steve Winwood's Wincraft studio in the Cotswolds in the UK to record this new album, What The World Needs Now…

In an interview with  journalist Thomas H. Green, Lydon commented on the song:

THOMAS H GREEN: In the song “Betty Page”, you refer to Page, Mae West, Louise Brooks and the “greatest pornographic country in the world” – what’s behind the song?

JOHN LYDON: Becoming an American citizen. America more than happily accepted me. I now carry an American passport. That’s three to my name – Irish, English and American. I hope they knew what they were inviting in. I like the history of a place to be accurate and this is the greatest pornographic country in the world but it pretends to be an evangelist state. Those women were absolute individuals and, for me, there’s a sense of hero worship around what they did and what they achieved in very severe times. They’re the people that gave women the vote, much more so than “burn the bra”.
PiL have also announced details of an upcoming tour of the UK and Europe, with North American shows to be announced.

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