Monday, July 6, 2015

Kinomania: more silent film bits from Poland

Here are a few more things I found while looking around in the online Polish archives. The Poles loved movies and movie stars. The Poles loved not only Polish stars, like their own Pola Negri, but also American stars.

Pola Negri branded cosmetic, from 1928.

Clara Bow on the front page of Ewa pismo tygodniowe, from 1928.

Greta Garbo on the cover of Nasz Przegląd Ilustrowany, from 1930.

A full page article in Cyrulik Warszawski about Mary Pickford, from 1926. The piece is by the noted writer Antoni Słonimski (15 November 1895 – 4 July 1976), a Polish poet, journalist, playwright and prose writer. He was a member of the Skamander movement. His works include Torpeda czasu (Time Torpedo, 1926), a science fiction novel influenced by H.G. Wells, and Dwa końce świata (Two Ends of the World, 1937), a novel predicting Warsaw's destruction by a Nazi dictator.

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