Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kickstarter documentary on Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett

This Kickstarter campaign sounds pretty worthwhile. I have already made a contribution. Check it out, spread the word, and consider making a pledge.

Milestone Films presents NOTFILM, a feature-length exploration of FILM—a 1965 short written by Samuel Beckett & starring Buster Keaton. More info HERE.

While the creation of most motion pictures requires an army of professionals, Notfilm is largely the brainchild of one remarkable filmmaker, Ross Lipman. But even auteurs need assistance and we have been thrilled to help Ross make this beautiful and challenging new documentary. Now with support from our friend Jonathan Marlow and his incredible team at Fandor (one of our favorite streaming sites for great cinema) and with your generosity, Ross will be able to complete Notfilm and we will get it out into the world!” — Dennis Doros and Amy Heller, Milestone Films

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