Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Be Good?

I recently has the opportunity to see the stellar 1929 Colleen Moore film, Why Be Good?, on the big screen at the recent San Francisco Silent Film Festival. And let me tell you, it was stellar. Did I already say that? If so, let me tell you it was really terrific. If you like Louise Brooks, you'll like Colleen Moore. She is just as much of a dish!

Happily, Why Be Good? is available on DVD. And what's more, this recent DVD release stars actor Neil Hamilton (who was featured in Brooks' first film, The Street of Forgotten Men) as well as the film's original Vitaphone soundtrack.

"'Why be good when it’s so much more thrilling to be bad?' asked the ad campaign for this slightly naughty and oh-so-knowing silent-movie celebration of the flapper era. The star of Flaming Youth - vivacious Colleen Moore - again captures the rebellious flamboyance of the Twenties in Why Be Good? She plays Pert Kelly, a shopgirl who wins the heart of the boss’ son (Neil Hamilton, The Dawn Patrol). The boss, however, doubts that Pert is virtuous. His love-struck son wonders if Dad could be right. So he sets up a little test for his sweetie: He takes Pert to a raucous roadhouse, rents a private room and makes a most ungentlemanly suggestion. Will Pert be good? Or, with Prince Charming in her grasp, will she decide it’s better to be bad? The lively direction is the work of William A. Seiter, whose 45-year career included the Golden Age musicals Roberta, Dimples and You Were Never Lovelier."

For more about Colleen Moore, be sure and check out the Colleen Moore Project website.

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