Monday, May 11, 2015

Shirley MacLaine talks Louise Brooks

Shirley MacLaine is on tour, and in a recent interview with in Maryland, the renown actress was asked about Louise Brooks. Here is what she said, as excerpted from“An Evening with Shirley MacLaine” comes to Strathmore: Star of stage, screen, and stories has plenty more to say, by Nathan Oravec. Read the entire interview here.

A&E: Speaking of classic Hollywood, I read that one of your passion projects would be a biopic of silent film star Louise Brooks.

MacLaine: Oh! God, I would love do to that. You know, when Kenneth Tynan found her, she was in her 70s. He found her in upstate New York. And he had been a fan of her all his life. And the movie would have been about the relationship between Louise Brooks and Kenneth Tynan – the great English journalist.

A&E: What is it about her story, in particular, that engaged you, and is it something you still hope to work on?

MacLaine: Yes, I think I would like to, but we need to get somebody to play young Louise. She was just so much of a renegade, actually. And you know the old saying, “You never quit Hollywood until you find God?” (laughter) Nobody could understand what it was that Louise had found that she quit.

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