Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Kickstarter graphic novel to include Louise Brooks

A new graphic novel currently featured on Kickstarter to includes a Louise Brooks character.  The Tommy Gun Dolls, a 72-page graphic novel by Daniel Cooney, describes itself as the story of "A cross-dressing grifter [who] leads a pack of bawdy burlesque girls to avenge the murder of their friend in the Jazz Era of prohibition." More information HERE.

"Inspired by a true story of San Francisco’s dark underworld, a group of Prohibition Era burlesque dancers pursue their friend’s murder by posing as masked bandits and knocking over the Mob’s speakeasies. The Tommy Gun Dolls is a sordid tale told in the classic Noir tradition, with roots in San Francisco’s historic Nob Hill Mansions of society’s elite class down to the seedy gang-filled streets of Chinatown, through the Tenderloin and neighboring North Beach.

Taking visual inspiration from illustrators such as Russell Patterson, Ethel Hays and Faith Burrows, who popularized the look and lifestyle of the 1920s flapper, and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dashiell Hammett, I've crafted a tale of mystery, suspense and burlesque at The Frisky Devil Speakeasy and Nightclub that's run by the mob."

According to the author, "The inspiration for the story's main character, Frankie Broadstreet, a grifter who rides a Penny Farthing bicycle and likes to wear men’s clothes, stems from a fusion of two real life women: Jeanne Bonnet (1841-1876), a bizarre character who founded one of California’s strangest criminal gangs composed entirely of women during the gold rush era; and Louise Brooks, an American dancer and actress, best known for popularizing the bobbed haircut and starred in the German feature film, Pandora’s Box."

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