Monday, December 1, 2014

New DVD features 1931 Louise Brooks' film Windy Riley Goes Hollywood

Alpha Video has released volume 3 in its DVD series devoted to "Ultra Rare Sound Shorts." This installment, which retails for only $7.98, is described as a "collection of hilarious sound shorts from the vaults of Hollywood."

I haven't seen this recent release yet, though I hope to get a copy sometime soon. The three films found on this budget release are:

Love Your Neighbor (1930): Mrs. Brown is admitted into a leading social club whose motto is "Do A Good Deed A Day." During her acceptance speech she manages to make mortal enemies with the wife of her husband's biggest client. Starring Charlotte Greenwood, Lloyd Hamilton, Wilfred Lucas and Dot Farley. Directed by William Watson.

One Yard To Go (1930): Red Gable All-American sits on the sideline during the big game because his coach thinks he's too love sick over his recent romantic break-up to play. With the game on the line, coach relents and sends in Red to save the day. Rushing for the winning touchdown he suddenly fumbles the ball when over the loudspeaker comes the voice of the very girl who broke his heart! Starring Bobby Vernon, Marjorie Beebe, Frank Eastman, Cyril Chadwick and Dot Farley. Directed by William Beaudine.

Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (1931): Race promoter Windy Riley kidnaps a movie star to create a publicity scandal and win himself a job in a Hollywood studio. His ill-conceived scheme goes terribly wrong. Starring Louise Brooks and Jack Shutta. Directed by William Goodrich (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle).

Please note: This product is made-on-demand by the manufacturer using DVD-R recordable media. Almost all DVD players can play DVD-Rs (except for some older models made before 2000) - please consult your owner's manual for formats compatible with your player. These DVD-Rs may not play on all computers or DVD player/recorders. To address this, the manufacturer recommends viewing this product on a DVD player that does not have recording capability.

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