Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prix de Beauté burlesque performer - Homage to Louise Brooks

Prix de Beauté is a Los Angeles-based burlesque performer and producer who takes her name from the 1930 French film, Prix de beauté, starring Louise Brooks. She performs solo and in groups, and specializes in dances of the Jazz Age, as well as numbers inspired by different themes. As this performer's website states, she takes her inspiration and her look from Louise Brooks.

One of Prix de Beauté's acts is called "My Canary has Circles Under his Eyes," based on the song of the same title by Janet Klein. The concept revolves around classic feather fan dance in tribute to the Louise Brooks’ movie Canary Murder Case.

Prix de Beauté also appears in Chromataphore (embedded below), a Louise Brooks / Busby Berkeley inspired music video by Princess Pangolin. Check out Prix de Beauté's website for more burlesque fun.

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