Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Louise Brooks Society celebrates 19 years online

The Louise Brooks Society celebrates 19 years on the internet. Since its launch in August of 1995, more than two million people have visited this pioneering website. The New York Times said, "The Louise Brooks Society is an excellent homage to the art of the silent film as well as one of its most luminous stars." The LBS has also been praised in the pages of USA Today and other newspapers and magazines.

The LBS was founded as a fan-site, and over the years has evolved into a comprehensive on-line archive and hub for "all things Lulu." This 250-page site features an array of information about the actress including a filmography, commentary, links, bibliographies, vintage articles and memorabilia, portrait galleries, and contributions from fans from around the world. The LBS has a long-running blog (with 2000+ posts), Facebook page, new YouTube presence, active Twitter account, as well as its own Louise Brooks themed radio station, aptly named RadioLulu.

The mission of the Louise Brooks Society is to honor the actress by stimulating interest in her life and films; by fostering and coordinating research on her life, films and writings; by serving as a repository for related material; and by advocating for the preservation and restoration of Brooks' films. To date, the LBS has co-sponsored screenings and events (including one with Barry Paris), mounted exhibits, "inspired" a documentary, published a book (The "Louise Brooks edition" of The Diary of a Lost Girl), and generated wide spread media interest in the actress.

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