Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homage to Louise Brooks: Teatro della Lulu

Mars Toyko is a visual artist working in miniature 3-D diorama who has created "Teatro della Lulu (Homage to Louise Brooks)." The artist sent an email to alert me to her work. She wrote, "I have been a fan of Louise Brooks for years and have created an Homage to her."

This photo was taken with a macro lens attachment. The original diorama is only 3" wide, 4.5" deep, and 4" high. For me, this piece evokes the work of the American surrealist Joseph Cornell - one of my favorite artists and an inspiration to Mars Toyko. (Cornell was famously obsessed with certain ballerinas and actresses - most notably Hedy Lamarr - and he created elaborate shadow boxes in their honor.) Toyko's collage and constructions also bring the work of Betye Saar to mind. Those wishing to see more of the artist's efforts should visit

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