Friday, June 6, 2014

Some pretty great bangs & bobbed hair: celebrating Ipso Facto & Theoretical Girl

Here is the 2007 video for the Ipso Facto single "Harmonise," directed by Tony Mines. This band sported some pretty great bangs and bobbed hair.

Ipso Facto were a goth-inflected, melodramatic psychedelic rock band founded in 2007 by Rosalie Cunningham (singer, songwriter, guitar), Victoria Smith (drums), Cherish Kaya (keyboards) and Samantha Valentine (bass guitar). They were based in London. Before Ipso Facto, Rosalie and Samantha played in the Southend band Theoretical Girl. (see videos below)

According to music writer Mark Deming, "In May 2007, Ipso Facto made their live debut opening for the Violets, and their first single, "Harmonise" b/w "Balderdash," was released by the independent Disc Error label six months later. Thanks in part to a striking music video and plenty of enthusiastic press, the single quickly sold out its press run, and Ipso Facto began receiving international coverage as they began work on their debut album in 2008."

After a couple years touring the UK, Ipso Facto split up, in 2009. Since then, they have gone separate ways. Rosalie Cunningham is continuing to write and record music with her new band Purson. Samantha Valentine has joined the band Romance, Cherish has gone to play keyboards for Florence and the Machine. Victoria Smith went on to be a touring member of MIA and is the current drummer in The Big Pink.

The band's AllMusic biography was written by the Mark Deming (my roommate in college, I kid thee not). He described them this way: "All-female foursome Ipso Facto are nearly as well known for their fashion sense as for their music -- they exclusively favor vintage monochrome outfits and sport hairdos that split the difference between Louise Brooks and Brian Jones -- though their stylish fusion of indie pop, garage rock, early goth sounds and psychedelia has certainly earned them a loyal following."

And below is a sweet outdoors live version of Theoretical Girl's "The Boy I Left Behind." To listen to the studio version follow this link.

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