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Charlie Chaplin: Birth of the Tramp celebration & conference in Italy

Charlie Chaplin: Birth of the Tramp celebration & conference June 26th-28th, 2014
at the Cineteca di Bologna in Italy

The conference will cover a large breadth of topics: presentations will deal with Chaplinitis, fakes and imitators and the Tramp’s reception and influence in Czechoslovakia, India, Japan and China, to name but some. There will also be papers on The Tramp in Art and Philosophy, and animation, on Chaplin the Filmmaker, and Chaplin & Music. Keynote speaker Lisa Haven will tackle Chaplin's influence on members of the American Counterculture movement.

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A Conversation with Mike Leigh, Michel Hazanavicius, Claire Bloom
A conversation with Michael Chaplin about his father’s origins
David Robinson on the Centenary of the Tramp and Chaplin’s Limelight/Footlights
Kevin Brownlow illustrated lecture on Chaplin and the First World War 
Birth of the Tramp
Frank Scheide, “Finding his Screen Persona in Making a Living and Kid’s Auto Races: Charlie Chaplin’s Transition from English Music Hall Comedy to American Film Slapstick”
Hooman Mehran, “Lingering Mysteries from 1914”
Bill Finney, “Kid Auto Races, The Tramp’s Debut”

The Tramp in Historical Context

Norbert Aping, “Chaplin and the Nazis, 1926-44”
Ayse Bechet, “The Little Tramp and the Big War: The Harmsworth Affair”
Richard Carr, “Chaplin and the British Political Elite: Depicting Poverty to the Great and the Good, 1889-1932”
Harvey Cohen, Charlie Chaplin’s America”

Chaplin, the Filmmaker

Francis Bordat "How far is Chaplin the filmmaker at work in his early films (1914-1917)?"
Chuck Maland "’A Neurotic State of Wanting Perfection’: Chaplin, Studio Records, and the Making of City Lights"
John Bengtson, "Chaplin’s Silent Footsteps: a visual tour of the Tramp’s historic film locations"
David Totheroh on his grandfather, Rollie Totheroh

Pertaining to the Tramp

Christian Hayes, Chaplinitis: "The Chaplin Boom in Britain, 1914-1915"
Adolphe Nysenholc 1914 : "Birth of a world”; Glenn Mitchell, “The Tramp’s True Farewell"
Libby Murphy, "The Tramp and the Tuxedo: How Charlie Triumphs over Chaplin"

Tramp Fakes & Imitators

Carlos Paz Molina, “Chaplin Speaks!: Chaplin Fake Sound Films in Spain”
Scott Paulin, "’ I’ll give you a movie right here’: Impersonating Charlie Chaplin on the Musical Stage in 1915"
Uli Ruedel, "One Little Tramp, Two Great Clowns: The Chaplin ‘Parody’ of Charlie Rivel"

The Tramp Around the World

Milan Hain, “Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp and Czechoslovakia” ; Ono Hiroyuki, “The Tramp in Japan”; Kathryn Millard, "Chaplin Imitators Around the Globe:  A Historical Perspective”; Geraldine Rodrigues, The Reception of early Chaplin films in France; Zhiwei Xiao, “The Enduring Legacy of Charlie Chaplin: The View from the East, 1919-2013”;

The Tramp in Art and Philosophy

Lisa Haven, "City Lights Magazine, the American Counterculture and Chaplin’s Little Tramp, 1952-77"
Charly Sistovaris "The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Lights – a trilogy of illusions"
Noah Teichner, "Charlie Chaplin, a Surrealist Icon?"

Chaplin & Music

Jim Lochner, "The Tramp in Transition: The Musical Movements of City Lights"
Round table discussion on Chaplin’s music with musician who accompany and compose for Chaplin films: Antonio Coppola, Donald Sosin, Timothy Brock, Maud Nelissen, Gabriel Thibaudeau

The Chaplin Archives

Cecilia Cenciarelli & Kate Guyonvarch,"Treasures of the Chaplin Archives"
Ellen Cheshire, "Charlie Chaplin on How to Make a Living"
Paul Duncan, "Chaplin without Chaplin: The Making of A Woman of Paris"

The Tramp’s Influence

Yuri Tsivian will discuss Chaplin and Russia
Nancy Beiman, "The Animated Tramp: Charlie Chaplin’s Influence on American Animation"
Ranjamkittka Bhowmik, "The Eternal Tramp: Chaplin’s Imitation and Resonance in Raj Kapoor’s Cinema"
Stephane Goudet, "Chaplin and Jacques Tati"

and much more.


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